Are you looking for a surf shop where you can learn how to surf for the first time during your holidays? Look no more, You can stand up and catch some green waves with us just after one lesson. We are ready to guide you and provide a memorable surf experience. 

Our surf shop is open at the beach from 7am to 6pm everyday. We provide private and group lessons for beginner surfers. You can join us easily for surf lessons or board rentals. We also provide free basic surf lessons on the beach. Teaching people to surf is our favourite thing in the world. We take students of all ages, weight, and surf experience. You can surf with us easy no matter who you are. WE KNOW HOW TO TEACH YOU  SURF EASY! 


Kata beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. White sands, clear sea, green waves, tropical trees and endless activities are just some of things that make Kata beach so special. Kata beach is warm and comfortable to surf all year around. The waves at Kata beach is good for all levels of surfers, and its sand banks are safe for beginners. With conditions like this, its easy for you to increase your surfing skills. Local surfers are friendly and happy to welcome surfers from around the world. SURF WITH US AND ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS